Artesano Copper

Current Testimonials

"Artesano Copper Imports provides an exquisite collection of copper to choose from along with excellent customer service every time! One of our customers has purchased over 40 copper vessels for her collection."
- Jessica Sullivan
San Diego Museum of Man Gift Shop
San Diego, California
"Artesano Copper Imports is not only a dependable, trustworthy and responsible company but is also a promoter of high quality fine art from Mexico. When customers come into our store, they are amazed at the wonderful copper vessels. Each piece no matter how small is a work of art. We now have many customers who are serious collectors of Artesano Imports' copper vessels."
- Patti Lammers
Tekakwitha Gallery of Native American Art
Helen, Georgia
"We have been very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of Artesano Copper Imports' products. The hand hammered copper vessels and bowls are beautiful examples of unique Mexican folk art and are well received by our clientele. Owner Susan Warren provides professional quality literature, photographs, videos, and product information, which our customers greatly appreciate."
- Lisa Huebner
Arizona Mesquite Furniture Company
Chandler, Arizona
"Artesano Copper Imports carries a line of high quality hand hammered copper work from Mexico. We appreciate the quality and the suburb craftsmanship of each Mexican coppersmith's work. Artesano fills orders quickly, and the pieces arrive in excellent condition on the agreed date of delivery. We look forward to a long and profitable relationship with Artesano Imports."
- Thomas and Patricia DeGasperis
Dancing Designs Jewelry
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania